Pressgram: Bringing Ownership Back To Mobile Photographers

by Maximilian Lemos on September 4, 2013

Pressgram LogoPressgram, an up-and-coming iPhone app, will look familiar to anyone who’s dabbled in the mobile photo craze. Pressgram is equipped with filters, social network functionality, and many of the features you’re familiar with on Instagram. While Pressgram looks strikingly similar to the ubiquitous Instagram, it’s in the underlying philosophy and flexibility for publishers that sets this app apart from it’s massive competitor.
Pressgram: Publishing pictures worth a thousand words.

Why is Pressgram a big deal?

Pressgram is built on the philosophy that you the photographer are the exclusive rights holder of the images you take. Going a step further, Pressgram empowers publishers with tools that enable photographers to immediately publish their photos on 1 or more WordPress blogs. In stark contrast, Facebook more than ever has an obligation to its shareholders to maximize profit. Understanding this, one begins to see that you and I the users of the platform become the product, including the various types of media we share. For many people that is enough of a reason to avoid platforms like Instagram and Facebook all together.

When will the app be out?

John Saddington, the man behind the app, has been updating us on the Apple app store approval process. His latest message stated that he had high hopes for approval. Expect to see Pressgram in the app store very soon.

[Update!] Today, 09/05/2013, Pressgram is LIVE and available on the App Store. Find it HERE.

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John Saddington September 4, 2013 at 2:27 pm

wow, thank you for this guys! this means a lot to me and the community…!

You guys “GET” it… and that’s really encouraging!


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