Belly Receives $12.1 Million To Grow On and Offline Loyalty

by Maximilian Lemos on September 12, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.39.39 PMBelly has taken a strong position in the online loyalty space with news of it’s recent $12.1 million investment round. This investment marks an important milestone for the developing loyalty industry. Companies like Belly will continue to grow, connecting businesses to their customers both in-store and online. Companies like Belly need this kind of capital because companies like Square are equipped with greater resources and a more developed POS environment to take advantage of customer leads both on and off-line. For more continue reading below:

Belly Gets $12.1 Million From NEA And Others In A Bid To Take Its Loyalty App To The Next Level

Dozens of customer loyalty apps have emerged over the past several years, looking to bring the relationships between brick-and-mortar shops and their customers from the times of paper punch cards into the digital era. But the space has thinned out lately, with several startups being acquired (or acqui-hired), and many others fading into oblivion.

It turns out that amidst all the changes in the landscape, the Chicago-based loyalty startup Belly is still kicking, and appears to be stronger than ever: It’s now active in a total of 6,500 locations in 18 geographical markets across the country. Now, the company says, it has its eye on owning the loyalty market once and for all, and taking the “in-store experience” overall to the next level.

To help in that aim, Belly is announcing today it has secured $12.1 million in new funding from a cadre of big name venture and strategic investors.

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HiSocial September 26, 2013 at 10:09 am

Hi Maximilian,

Sometimes I wonder if startups really such a big amount. Do they really need 12,1 million to grow?


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