Badgeville CEO on Gamification | 2013 Predictions

by Maximilian Lemos on December 19, 2012

Gamification has made huge leaps in the last year. The continued growth of SAAP companies like Badgeville, Bunchball, Bigdoor, PunchTab, and many other strong platforms, are proof enough that Gamification has planted itself firmly on the grand web stage. Gamification, while more viable than ever, has also seen its ups and downs this year. The very recent Gartner Report on Gamification created quite a bit of unrest, while also offering a very healthy discussion on the future of Gamification.

Looking forward, Kris Duggan CEO of Badgeville, offered his predictions for the coming year.

Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan’s 2013 Gamification Predictions

Prediction 1:  You will begin to see large, digital transformations in companies – “Gamification will be a key part of digital transformation. So far, we’ve only seen departmental examples of people adding gamification to their sales function, or to their HR function, but I think a big prediction for 2013 would be – these things start to get enterprise support. It’s, ‘Let’s create a global reputation that runs across the company.’ Every employee gets credit for their attention and their performance, and they have this digital reputation or digital status that kind of follows them inside a company.”

Prediction 2: Collaboration could be huge – “We’re seeing huge uptake of collaboration platforms when we add gamification, and we have a really big deployment for EMC, a $50 billion data company. They use Badgeville on their Jive community for 250,000 users and we’re getting great results from that. We just introduced Badgeville for [Microsoft] SharePoint, and we’re signing Fortune 50 companies to that product that are deploying it to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of users. I think this is where we really start to see collaboration deliver.”

Prediction 3: Engagement “Anywhere” in the Enterprise – “Whether they’re customers, partners, or employees, or developers…wherever you have an audience, you’re going to be thinking about engagement. Maybe even one step further than that, I would think that when you start to break down these walls, these audiences are all kinds of extensions of each other and it’s less of a formal, ‘You’re an employee,’ or ‘You’re a customer,’ and more like, ‘You’re in the ecosystem.’ [I think we’ll see] internal employee deployments really start to take off and those becoming templatized over the next 12 months.”

Read the whole article from CRM Magazine Blog HERE.

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