Belly Receives $12.1 Million To Grow On and Offline Loyalty

by Maximilian Lemos on September 12, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.39.39 PMBelly has taken a strong position in the online loyalty space with news of it’s recent $12.1 million investment round. This investment marks an important milestone for the developing loyalty industry. Companies like Belly will continue to grow, connecting businesses to their customers both in-store and online. Companies like Belly need this kind of capital because companies like Square are equipped with greater resources and a more developed POS environment to take advantage of customer leads both on and off-line. [click to continue…]

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Take back your Social Pageviews – Switch to Pressgram

by Maximilian Lemos on September 11, 2013

The pageview is what I like to call a basic web commodity. While it’s not the only indicator of value on the web, many of the world’s biggest internet companies have made correlations between pageviews and revenues. Everyone’s favorite search engine Google, makes the bulk of its revenue via search advertisements. Google has proven for a over a decade running that the law of big numbers is very real and in the case of Google Ads, more pageviews equals higher revenues.

But enough about Google. Let’s focus on Facebook, another company hungry for pageviews, in-fact they’ve become the most viewed website in the world and you better believe they make a lot of money being that title-holder.

As a publicly traded company YOU, the Facebook and Instagram user, are the product that Facebook sells to its customers, ADVERTISERS. Just like Google, Facebook stands to earn the vast majority of it’s revenues via ads. [click to continue…]


Robot Turtles: Board Game Teaches Programming Concepts

by Maximilian Lemos on September 5, 2013

Robot TurtlesGamification’s future lies in education. A learning environment built with game mechanics at its core is an incredibly effective means of teaching both children and adults a wide range of subjects. That’s where Dan Shapiro’s Kickstarter project: Robot Turtles comes in.

Mr. Shapiro, a Googler on leave, has spent the last few months developing Robot Turtles, the board game that teaches children (and adults, for that matter) basic programming skills. Computer science is becoming more of a core subject in schools both in the united states and around the world. It would make sense that we start to see educational games built to promote this exciting field. [click to continue…]


Pressgram: Bringing Ownership Back To Mobile Photographers

by Maximilian Lemos on September 4, 2013

Pressgram LogoPressgram, an up-and-coming iPhone app, will look familiar to anyone who’s dabbled in the mobile photo craze. Pressgram is equipped with filters, social network functionality, and many of the features you’re familiar with on Instagram. While Pressgram looks strikingly similar to the ubiquitous Instagram, it’s in the underlying philosophy and flexibility for publishers that sets this app apart from it’s massive competitor. [click to continue…]

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The Sharing Economy: StowThat Disrupts Self-Storage

by Maximilian Lemos on August 30, 2013


The sharing economy is not glamorous, but the sharing economy is practical. Product development strategies informed by the sharing economy are taking a simple approach that is both forward thinking while also highly self-reflective. The sharing economy is forward thinking in that some of the best technology is being utilized to build tools and platforms to support the sharing economy. The sharing economy is also self-reflective in that it looks within established structures or traditional business models to extract worth out of under utilized capital. [click to continue…]


On a Budget? Use Vine For Low-Budget High Impact Campaigns

by Maximilian Lemos on August 15, 2013

Lowes Fix in SixBBDO, the agency that inspired AMC’s Madmen, proves that you don’t need a huge budget to inspire a huge reaction on the social web. Vine, the six second video sharing platform created by Twitter, along with its competitor Instagram Video have penetrated the largest ad agencies in the world and are inspiring some pretty impressive, low-budget campaigns.

Lowes Fix in Six

BBDO worked with Lowes, the home improvement brand, to bring this creative new kind of viral marketing to mobile users everywhere. Using just six seconds the creatives at BBDO successfully tell a home improvement story. Clever and quirky, these short videos inspired Vine users to tackle home improvement in an easily digestible format.  Checkout this short case study video from BBDO. [click to continue…]